The Business Professionals Since 1951

Buffalo Dry Cleaner’s has been downtown Buffalo, MN for almost 60 years and is also in its third generation of family operation and ownership. It began operation on December 8th, 1951 in Buffalo by Kenneth and Rozella Ernesti. In 1984, Ronald and Cheryl Ernesti purchased the dry cleaners and launderers from Ken and Roze. They currently own and operate the business. Ron and Cheryl’s daughter along with her husband, Jonathon and Crystal (Ernesti) Boike currently help manage routine business operations to ensure quality and speedy services to its valued customers.

Valuable Information
Buffalo Dry Cleaners is a full service drycleaner that does most items on site. We work along side with other local businesses to help professionally clean leathers, suede, wedding dresses, and some area rugs. With our outstanding reputation and loyal employees we promise to bring you the greatest service and the best finished product available. At Buffalo Dry Cleaners we strive to produce a quality product and a great service at an affordable price. We have some of most recent technologies in our plant to generate great products with excellent finishing touches.

Buffalo Dry Cleaners has been recognized for many awards through out the years. It has been a valued member of the Chamber of Commerce since 1951, The Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute and also is involved in many local community events. Here at Buffalo Dry Cleaners we care about our employees health and safety. While monitoring air qualities, DLI, The Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute, has recognized Buffalo Cleaners for being committed to a safe work environment and ensuring the well-being of its staff through air quality monitoring since 1993.